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In addition to the weekly offertory, St. Mary's offers many ways in which you can help support the parish. If you have any questions about these opportunities please contact the Rectory Office at (302)239-7100. As always, the parish community thanks you for your generosity and support.

An Offertory Giving Alternative
Did you know that St. Mary's spends over $12,000 annually to print and send out offertory envelopes? We would like to reduce these costs and you can help. Pick a monthly contribution amount your Family would like to give to the Parish, and fill out the Offertory Giving Alternative Form with the requested information. Then each and every month your Parish offertory giving will be done automatically. Not only will this eliminate you writing checks each month, but it will reduce Parish costs of envelope printing and postage. All of these "Automatic" accounts will be provided a year-end tax statement that will be mailed to your residence.

Forms should be returned to the rectory office to the attention of Denise Troise, Finance Secretary.
Questions? Call Denise at (302) 239-7100, Ext. 14.

Wills and Estate Planning
The whole parish community is most grateful to you when you consider remembering St. Mary's as you draw up your wills and make estate planning. Your gift helps secure a continuing presence of the Church in Hockessin.

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